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   Apple Valley has recently reintroduced their 18" doll.  I can create either a boy or girl doll from these kits.  The results are a fine quality vinyl doll with a cloth body similar to the American Girl Doll.  These dolls can wear the American Girl doll clothes or any similar 18" doll clothing.  I also remake other dolls, including the American Girl Doll, with new wigs and clothing.  Many people have asked for a boy doll to go with their American Girl Collection.  These quality dolls are designed for either display or play.  

Please view the dolls on the following page.  

If you do not see one you like, let me know.

 I may be able to create just the doll you are looking for! 

I also repair and resell American Girl Dolls to get the custom look you want.

18" Apple Valley Dolls American Girl Dolls

For custom made dolls, email me at