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My Dryper Baby!


I have always loved dolls.  My three sisters and I received a new doll every year at Christmas.  We had so many dolls, we used our garage as a playhouse.

Years ago, I went searching the web for an original Dryper Baby Doll - like my favorite doll from the Christmas of 1959.  I was amazed by how beautiful and realistic some of the reborn dolls look.  I was quickly drawn to the art.  Learning more and more!  I began "reborning"  older dolls.  This quickly progressed to making dolls as gifts.  When my nieces come over, they always want to go see "Aunt Patty's Kids"!

My interest in dolls has evolved into a growing business called -- what else -- "AUNT PATTY'S KIDS".  I sell my dolls and clothing at community craft shows, on Ebay, and here on my website.

Please browse around.  Be sure to visit the doll pages.  You may find that special doll that touches your heart!

                                               HAVE FUN!