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These Berenguer and similar vinyl dolls have been "reborn" to look and feel like a real baby.   I make dolls from the hundreds of other expressions on the market.  If you don't see one here that you like you can order a custom doll and I will  search my sources to find a better match however the price will vary according to my costs.

The doll is taken apart and the vinyl is painted on the inside with my own special tone of "color wash" to give it a more lifelike appearance.  Then baby's skin is blushed in all the right places.  Noses are opened to allow baby to breath.  I don't like to open the delicate mouths on these dolls but will include an option of a modified pacifier if you like.

I then replace their original body with a new jointed cloth body and use clean soft polyfill and pellets to stuff and weight the doll.  The finished doll generally weighs between 3-6 pounds.  I use this low weight because for some reason live weight feels lighter than the completed dolls.  Your doll will feel much like a 6-9 pound baby in your arms.

Manicuring is done on all the tiny little fingers and toes.  I use a special process to make the nails look as real as possible without that heavy French manicured look.  Various wigs and lashes are added, along with other embellishments to make baby seem as real as possible.

All my babies come to their new home in their new T-shirt, diaper and a brand new outfit.  Each comes with a birth certificate, ID bracelet and care instructions.

This entire process can take 2-6 wks depending on how detailed the doll is to become.  Every one of "Aunt Patty's Kids" is truly a labor of love, a work of art to be cherished for many years to come.

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